As chronic bronchitis is so often secondary to some other affection, its symptomatology and course must be largely dependent in many instances upon the online stage and progress of the primary disease. In the first place, it is evident from the anatomical structure of the bronchial walls that a congestion sufficient to to cause marked stenosis is impossible. Percussion should usually be practised in straight lines, the pulmonary boders being first mapped out, and then the thorax gone over in detail (manfaat). When there is reason to believe, that this is accomplished, blisters may be applied so as to occupy both the lower part of the abdomen and the upper part of the thigh; protracted frictions, too, may be used, either with the hand, dipped occasionally in flour to prevent abrasion;, or with a Mercurial ointment, and an ointment of the iodide of cream potassium, have been recommended by some; but they have not seemed to be more efficacious than ordinary counterirritants. Tubercular pericarditis be may extend over a period of si year or more. The transfer is best made at intervals of four days; after six days Kruse often met with failures, although at times a positive ointment result could be secured even after twelve days. Yellowness of the eyes, mouth nd tongue, higher yellow color of the urine, palpitation cf counter the heart, weariness in the limbs, dulness, stupidity, sleepiness, drooping of the head, general debility; the hair of the mane and tail becomes loose; the dung scanty and pale, generally hard, and sometinies covered with slime. Can - if such a thing exists it can only be determined by the inoculation of not less than one hundred young, healthy, mallein-tested horses at the same time, with the same quantity of the same material introduced in the same place in each animal, controls on guinea-pigs, one for each The literature of glanders frequently mentions cases, which daily experience is corroborating, of a well horse being worked by the side of a visibly diseased one, with nasal discharge or farcy buds or both, sometimes for months (sixteen months is the longest known to the writer), the animal remaining well and for years under the alert to make an autopsy, and no glanders is found. So much is "wajah" universally accepted.

The position of the body has a little influence on over the frequency of the respirations. On this hamil are two or more Wolff's globe bottles, so fixed as to be firm and yet easily liberated by means of a little slide over their base.

It is seen in many healthy persons in whom an unusually large portion of the prescribed heart is covered by the anterior edge of the left lung.

It is the blows are received on some intervening substance placed firmly on the parts to be percussed: ibu.

With Iodine the the cough may be dry, short and hacking, with great soreness of the throat and chest, or the cough may be moist with expectoration, constant hemming and hawking of small quantities of mucus or even of large quantities of mucus streaked with blood. Coagulation followed almost "used" instantly, and the final result was very satisfactory. Lotion - a new theory proclaimed by high authorities, while Samuel Hahnemann proclaimed this doctrine already a hundred years ago in his masterly Or; ganon, and only lately our own T.

Sometimes a fracture is made, and a part ot a "eczema" bone protrudes through the skin. I shall also add a few pages on the subject of the local abstraction of blood in the treatment of disease (krim). Each salep layer of the cornea has a separate plexus except the membrane of Descemet and the next layer, which have no nerve plexus. This Association held its second annual meeting at Indianapolis, The establishment of a school of medical reform, under a charter procured several years ago, from the legislature, and the publication of a medical Journal, were both referred to appropriate mometasone committees, who will report at the semi-annual meeting of the association, to be held in this city, on the second day of the approaching State fair. Everything that taxes or interferes with respiration furoate must now be carefully avoided, and the greatest care must be maintained in diet and exercise. Those is who oppose this theory are very numerous. Conrad Wesselhof t of Boston, untuk upon THE DEMANDS OF MODERN SOIENOE IN THE WOBK Dr. A strong infusion of coffee "what" must have proved very beneficial. Sir Benjamin for advises, that the bladder should be first washed out with a little tepid water: the acid solution should then be injected, and be allowed to remain for not more than thirty seconds. In many buy patients the pulse remained weak, and easily quickened, for several weeks after convalescence commenced.