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Later that same day the doctor fills in the titles of the various problems and the numbers for within our practice, and find as other practices have found that two to three hours a day is sufficient time to record all the problems for six doctors working in the practice (hcl). The author finds that this medium has a selective favourable influence on half the growth of B.

The agencies which effect sirve these decompositions are the digestive enzymes, or ferments, contained in the various digestive fluids or juices. The author has seen a death in civil practice because of failure dose to observe this precaution.

It is soluble in water, is neutral in reaction, has an para ethereal odor, a sharp taste, and is easily decomposed under the influence of sunlight and potassium chlorate.

To ascertain what proportion of 25 his typhoid patients the physician in civil practice incorrectly diagnoses, it will be necessary to gather some facts concerning the death-rate from this disease. Keep symptoms, she is a psychoneu'Otic patient with severe'"eelings, part of the problem ilthough primarily one dosage of ex;essive anxiety, is often accom)anied by depressive symptomI itology. Cultures The patient was discharged from the hospital ten days postoperatively vs after an uneventful course.