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Given three, four, five, and even from six to ten hours before the paroxysm the drug exerts no influence harga upon the colony of parasites approaching maturity.

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While it is not denied that an occasional cure can be effected even in aneurysms of the celiac region by this method, it is evident that a favorable termination will be the result of a happy chance, a mere accident due probably to posterior position of the orifice of the sac, which is extremely rare and which the surgeon has no logical or reasonable means of recognizing or If we eliminate the aneurysms of the upper or celiac division of the aorta as distinctly unfavorable to the mode of treatment under discus.sion, we will find its field of application restricted to a very small number of selected cases in the middle and lower divisions of the aortic tract; but even in these, when the anatomic objections reviews are removed, there are other serious dangers to be considered which must imperil the life of the patient and militate against the success of the operation.