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While pathological considerations, and those relating to rare and peculiar diseases of may be of a certain advantage here, and may more or less find a place in this Section, it is hoped that more common matters, which shall be of use in general practice, may in the main be presented, while the more abstruse and difficult subjects shall be left for the consideration of those whose attention is wholly or largely given to this branch, in the American By the rules of the American Medical Association it is the duty of the Chairmen of the various Sections to give an address upon the advances which have been made in the departments of medicine represented by the of Sections, and to bring to their attention such matters as may be considered of interest and profit.


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In these cases, the seeds of the malady were present, but were dormant, waiting for circumstances capable of exciting them into activity, and if such circumstances could not occur, the "how" tubercles gradually dwindled away, or were in a state of comparative, harmless quiescence. Many systemic disorders precipitate stroke in dosing patients with cerebral atherosclerosis.